travis scott the god for this 

from within I guess. The hunger, the ambition, the desire to succeed. Or maybe it was going to Payless with my mother. She would always buy me this one shoe. You see these shoes resembled Adidas. But these shoes had four stripes, not three. I would be on the playground, seeing other kids with their three stripes. I’d look down and see my four. This hurt me at the time. Maybe I was a selfish kid, that was probably it. But even then I wanted the top of the line shit. And in order to get the top of the line shit you have to be top of the line. You have to have money, you have to be successful. And if you don’t have the money, you need to be hungry for the money.

Economically and socially I’ve been at a disadvantage since I came out the womb. Momma had me at 14. Daddy (fuck that nigga) was nowhere to be found (so I’ve been told). My mother’s family wasn’t much help either. Grandma is an alcoholic psychotic bitch. 

I wouldn’t say we were poor but going to McDonalds and buying .59 hamburgers was a treat. 

But fuck all that.